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Here the list of future animals if I become Member in Animal Jam. The Pets and others can be seen here The other animals that were created in drawings or their names can be seen in descriptions of it or on the pic: digiponythedigimon.deviantart.… digiponythedigimon.deviantart.…

I made the team's name as Team AJ Adventurers known as Team AJ Heroes sometimes (The Main Non Member Animals and the Gem Member Animals their leaders are Little Rainyflower and Emperor Bravehero), Team Armoradalens (The Diamond Animals with the Diamond Shop's Armors their leaders are King Grandlion and Empress Bravehero), and Team Aquarians (The Sea Creatures of AJ their leaders are Admiral Vonshark and Blossom Daringdolphin)

  • Awesome Coolclaw (Species: Tiger Color: Green, Black, and White Gender: Male Attire: Black Spiked Hair (Treated as a real mane), Green SlingshotGreen Elf Bracelets, and Green Necklace Partners: Swimming Wingedviolet)
  • Swimming Wingedviolet (Species: Penguin Color: Purple and White Gender: Female Attire: Purple Bows and Arrows, Purple Jammaliday Scarf, and Flower Bracelet Default since it's Purple Partners: Awesome Coolclaw)
  • Earl Wackymonkey (Species: Monkey Color: Yellow and Cream Gender: Male Attire: Silver Nunchucks, Golden Glove, and Yellow Rare Tie Partners: Awesome Coolclaw and Swimming Wingedviolet)
  • Lucky Coolkoala (Species: Koala Color: Brown and Light-ish Brown Gender: Male Attire: Orange-like Peach Baseball Cap, Brown-like color Baseball CleatsElf Armor and Orange Ribbon Scarf Partners: Enchanted Cuterabbit)
  • Enchanted Cuterabbit (Species: Bunny Color: Light Purple Gender: Female)
  • Round Zanypanda (Species: Panda Color: White and Black Gender: Male)
  • Twinkle Zanypanda (Species: Panda Color: Black and White Gender: Female)
  • Handsome Strongcroc (Species: Crocodile Color: Dark Blue and Yellow Gender: Male Attire: Blue Dual Swords, Golden Legendary GloveElf Tail Armor, and Blue Necklace Partners: Flora Daringfox)
  • Flora Daringfox (Species: Fox Color: Velvet Red like or Pink? and White Gender: Female Attire: Red Fox Hat, Cupid's Bows and Arrows, Pink Rare GlovePink Elf Tail Armor, and Necklace Partners: Handsome Strongcroc)
  • Lieutenant Rockyraccoon (Species: Raccoon Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Crashing Toughrhino (Species: Rhinoceros Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Large Stronghiker (Species: Elephant Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Victory Grandgiraffe (Species: Giraffe Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Prancing Rowdyhorse (Species: Horse Color: Unknown yet Gender: Female)
  • Prince Fancyruler (Species: Deer Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Princess Fancyruler (Species: Deer Color: Unknown yet Gender: Female)
  • Empress Bravehero (Species: Arctic Wolf Color: Pink and Icy Blue Gender: Female)
  • King Grandlion (Species: Lion Color: Dark Blue and Brown Gender: Male)
  • Jumping Spiritroo (Species: Kangaroo Color: Blue-ish Grey, and Grey Gender: Female Attire: Spirit Armor Set Secondary Attire: Blue Safari Boots, and Blue Binoculars Original Concepts: Jumping's gender was originally supposed to be a male, but due to the name suits for a girl animal character he was changed into a female kangaroo)
  • Scooter Speedycheetah (Species: Cheetah Color: Blue and Cream Gender: Male)
  • Darling Prettyrose (Species: Snow Leopard Color: Pink and Red (I think) Gender: Female)
  • Rosy Fastotter (Species: Otter Color: Red and Purple Gender: Female)
  • Laughing Sillyhyena (Species: Hyena Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
  • Commander Windyeagle (Species: Eagle Color: Light-ish Blue and Dark Teal Swirls Gender: Male)
  • Precious Shylady (Species: Owl Color: Unknown yet Gender: Female)
  • Mighty Toughbear (Species: Polar Bear Color: White and Icy Blue Gender: Male)
  • Explorer Hikingscout (Species: Llama Color: Yellow and Orange Gender: Male)
  • Admiral Vonshark (Species: Shark Color: Grey-ish Blue and White Gender: Male)
  • Blossom Daringdolphin (Species: Dolphin Color: Dark Pink and Cream Gender: Female)
  • Professor Smartyturtle (Species: Sea Turtle Color: Green and Golden Gender: Male)
  • Swimming Sportyoctopus (Species: Octopus Color: Unknown yet Gender: Male)
Others (Fanmade AJ Gold Bar Currency Animals and Diamond Animals):
  • Coyote
  • Jaguar
  • Armadillo
  • Bat (If in October 2015 they release it as a Gem or Diamond Animal it will be removed from the fan Gold Bar Currency)
  • Walrus
  • Flamingo
  • Gorilla
  • Lynx
  • Swan (Diamond)
  • Orca Whale (Killer Whale) (Gold Bar Currency)
  • Komodo Dragon (Gold Bar Currency) 
  • Duck (Possibly Diamond, Gems, or Gold Bar Currency it might be for Non-Members while Swans are for members.)


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Artist | Student
United States
"How can you use your such great animating and art skills, for such great shame!?" My quote to weird hellhole fanarts and animations that include them.

I Live in Utah

I do image editing, vectors, and other things I can't draw digital drawing because I'm bad at it. I use Microsoft's Paint for art concepts and Paint.Net for drawing and editing.

Wikia: Digipony
Animal Jam: Prehistoricgirl
Alt Animal Jam Accounts: TheAJToyCollector (known in aj as Theajtoycollector) Willbenonmemberforev (Storage Account for storing items) ThePokeDigiFan
gif maker

I respect all animals in Animal Jam Stamp by DigiPonyTheDigimonStamp: Unpopular items are awesome items by RustyWakkoAJKaa Porn - Request by CraptrapAnti YURI YAOI v2 by I-Take-It-BackIs it THAT hard? by Vovina-de-MicalozAnti-Inflation Stamp by xBLOODYSMILExTV Tropes Stamp by KrisderpPoor MLP Ponies... by ZakuFox-Kun

My Adopted PokePlushies:

My AJ Animals as Pokemons:

Lucario by CreepyJellyfish Seel by CreepyJellyfish Arcanine by CreepyJellyfish Prinplup by CreepyJellyfish

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